Crostini is a Chromebook monitoring tool for

teachers and educators with plenty of benefits to boast about! 


  • Crostini can help digital classroom educators guide students thru a world of online distractions.


  • Crostini provides digital classroom educators with real-time views of their students Chromebook activity. 


  • A teacher can utilize Crostini to conveniently close any of their students open tabs without classroom interruption. 


  • Teachers can also communicate with their digital learning students by messaging via Crostini.


  • Unlike similar Chromebook monitoring tools such as GoGuardian and LanSchool, Crostini is an affordable way for schools to guide their students. 


  • Compared to GoGuardian, Crosinti's low price of just $1 per student a year can save schools thousands!


  • Crostini offers a free trial of their digital learning software.


  • Crostini's Chromebook Monitoring software can be used on any device an educator finds convenient.


  • Crostini is fast and easy to set up with no apps or installs, a Chromebook Classroom is ready in a matter of minutes.


  • Crostini was created and developed by School System Technology Department members who understand teachers needs.



Don't just take our word for it, see our reviews below!

What are teachers saying about Crostini?


“I LOVE the ability to monitor what my students are doing in the classroom. It helps me monitor what the kids are doing in a positive way. It’s about the best app a teacher could wish for.”

— Maggie Smith, 7th Grade ELA

“This has been a lifesaver! It allows me greater flexibility for differentiation while also allowing me to close inappropriate tabs to help keep students on track and using technology in an academically appropriate way. I love it!!”

— Wendy Scruggs, HS English

“Even when I was at home sick, I was able to keep an eye on who was doing what during class.”

— Lorna Martin, HS English

“With the awareness that I am using Crostini, the number of incidences of students being on unauthorized websites during instructional time has dropped dramatically. In fact, it has become a non-issue.”

— Susan Read, MS Music

“I truly thank you for providing this program. As a teacher, it gives me some ease about my students working on their Chromebooks.”

— Angela McDevitt, 5th Grade