Privacy Policy


Last Updated: April 18, 2015


This privacy policy (“Policy”) explains how personal information and educational records are stored, used, and disclosed by Walsh Networks, Inc. for use in the Crostini (“Service”) product.


Information We Collect


We collect information about users of Crostini in different ways. This information is used to facilitate the operation of Crostini as well as to improve and personalize the quality of the service. We may collect email addresses, first names, last names, school district, and course names from both students and faculty members. Crostini servers automatically record information about your use of the service, such as periodic keep-alive messages; browser tab data including URLs, favicons, and tab titles; and periodic screen captures of student devices when requested by an authorized faculty member. All information collected remains the property of the district account holder and will be removed or returned to district administrator in a timely manner upon Service cancellation.


Information We Do Not Collect


We will not access webcam or microphone data under any circumstances up to and including requests from law enforcement.


How We Use Your Information


We use personal information collected during the normal operation of the service for the purposes described in this policy. Your information could be used to:


  • Identify the name and email address to an authorized user within the same district account.

  • Share browser tab information and screen captures with authorized users within the same district account.

  • Operate and improve the service.

  • Respond to customer support requests.

  • Investigate fraudulent or illegal activity as requested by law enforcement or authorized district account administrators.


Student Privacy


Monitoring of students is not possible between the hours of 4pm and 7am; active student devices will still report to Crostini servers during the privacy lockout period, but these requests will be denied. Information such as student screen captures and browsing activity is considered ephemeral and is automatically deleted after several minutes of inactivity by the student.


Information We Share


Walsh Networks, Inc. does not share any information collected with any other entity such as advertisers, consultants, or any other third-party.


Information Security

Walsh Networks, Inc. takes reasonable steps to secure the information collected during usage of Crostini. All transmissions between end-devices, users, and Crostini servers are encrypted using industry standard encryption and hashing methods such as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS). Application level authorization has been  implemented to ensure that only authorized staff members can access student information. Staff members may only access student information for students registered with the staff member’s own district account.