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Jordan Walsh

Jordan taught himself the BASIC programming language at the age of 11 on his 486 PC. From there he started his career as an IT support technician. While working his way up the IT ladder, he continued to hone his software development skills. Jordan developed the Crostini application while serving as a network engineer for Moore County Schools in North Carolina. Jordan now handles Developer Operations for a technology company in Wake County, NC. 


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Steve Johnson

Steve started his career as a kindergarten and 2nd grade teacher in Moore County, North Carolina.  Always into computers and the latest technology, he utilized digital tools early and often with his students.  These efforts led him to broaden his impact to students and teachers across grades K-12, serving as a technology facilitator and now, Assistant Director of Technology & Digital Learning for Moore County Schools.

Steve is the proud Daddy of three tech-loving girls; Emily (9), Kenna (7), and Hannah (3).  He and his wife Bridget live in Pinehurst, North Carolina.